Welcome to the Right of First Offer Website for Bering Sea Crab Crewmembers

The Right of First Offer program is intended to benefit active Bering Sea crab crewmembers by providing them an increased opportunity to purchase crab quota share. The Inter-Cooperative Exchange (ICE) has agreed to provide qualified crewmembers an opportunity to purchase at least 10% of crab quota share sold between ICE members, under most circumstances. By registering and certifying on this website that you are an active Bering Sea crab crewmember, you will be notified when opportunities to purchase crab quota share arise. Notifications will include the type of quota share, the amount of quota share and the price. Crew will have 15 days to commit to the portion of quota share they would like to purchase. If there is an over-commitment, the quota share will be split up pro-rata based on commitments. It is important that interested crew become pre-qualified to purchase crab quota share as closing can be as short as 30 days. Failure to perform could result in removal from the Right of First Offer program in the future.

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